Vtec Club Round 1


Saturday morning brought with it unpredictable weather.


It seemed as though everyone was constantly checking their phones, in hopes that sudden clear skies and a dry track would allow for that one good lap…


…where the braking points were more readily calculated, and pointing the nose towards a late apex wouldn’t be second guessed with the potential for a tails-out situation.


That was the overarching feeling that day; a pursuit of the last inch of grip.


That last tenth of a second to push above and beyond the previous lap, hoping to shoot for that personal best and a podium finish.


Despite the weather, many drivers were in attendance; the event sold out in record time, with a roster consisting of first-timers and veterans alike, all eager to take on Streets in the first Vtec Club event of the year…


…with some drivers making the trip from as far north as Modesto, and even Oakland.


The harsh conditions didn’t stop those passionate enough to bring their cars to the track, such as this tastefully modified EK Civic; sporting a timeless combination of bronze TE37’s and Spoon calipers, this car exemplifies pure Honda passion, down to the traditional Advan sticker over the sidemarkers.


eg-3880eg-3869eg-3888eg-3897Some attendees even took to wearing blankets to keep themselves warm.eg-3974


One of our favorite cars of the day was this EK Civic piloted by Brian Arias. Sporting a plethora of rare and out of production J’s Racing parts, this car recreated the look of a former J’s Racing demo car, even down to the wheel choice. It was quite a treat to see this car hit the track.


If the driving didn’t take its toll on the drivers, the weather certainly did.


Gerry Prieto’s AP1 S2000 was another favorite as well; sporting an updated setup with a center exit exhaust (which the owner tells us doesn’t go over well with the boys in blue), this combination of car and driver didn’t pull any punches. With his #1 podium finish in Streets back in August, this was the car to watch that day, especially in the rain.


Hailing from the Central Valley of California was Jimmy Arreola in his battleship grey H2B DA Integra. Being one of only 3 DA’s in attendance (all of them belonging to the same team), this car carried with it the spirit of the underdog, still managing respectable times in the inclement weather.





Off the track, nothing but camaraderie.


An environment where many familiar faces gather with new comers alike; first timers who decided it was time to put their skill and their machine to the test…

eg-4604eg-4555…and those who have had their fair share of seat time, and wanted to see what vtec club is all about.eg-4557

Even Goldy of FF Squad fame was in attendance, back at doing what it does best: Racing.



We’ve said it before, but can’t emphasize it enough; the excitement of time spent on track, does not overshadow the connections and community off track.


The people you meet here, the passion shared between drivers, the willingness to see your peers progress…


 …all within the spirit of friendly competition.


 It’s a concept that’s much more easily grasped when you’re there. The reason why we don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to make it out and hang with the guys at Vtec Club.


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