Never Content Pop-Up Meet

Know him or not, you’ve seen his stickers floating around; whether it be on cars to computers, his designs have become a part of the car community as a whole. I myself am guilty of spending an unhealthy amount of money on peeking stickers when I first purchased my 240SX. Austin, also known as @austeeeezy and on Instagram, is the creative genius behind Never Content. Known for having built some sweet rides like an IS300 and now an FD RX7, the man never fails to wow people, not only with his merchandise but with his cars as well.





The meet n’ greet was held at a nice little backroad location in Venice. I met up with my friends Jay (@whorechatawhore) and Eddie (@Bananapeel1) on the opening day and I immediately noticed the long line. The turn out seemed to have been quite amazing, and even better the next day from what Austin told Jaime (@BattlecatFD) and I. The first thing I noticed coming in was how professionally everything was set up; from how they were letting only a certain amount of people in at a time, to having their own DJ and even a big strong body guard! (@Armchatayabha)



@viinnienguyen @hsadr

Just based on the cars that were outside, like this NA1 NSX on white TE37’s and a tasteful BRZ, you could tell you were in for something special before even entering the venue.


Now for the beans! Walk in and you see Austins FD in all its glory! Quite the car to see in person. From the M Sports front bumper and side skirts and Desmonds, to the Ganador mirrors, the 326 Power BBK, the list goes on and on; its just all too good! The red paint just gleams in front of the white backdrop.IMG_0034IMG_0050IMG_9959


326 Power brakes, nestled nicely behind aggressively sized Desmond Marquis Promoda wheels.


Everything on this rotary-powered beauty flowed perfectly from front to back!


No cool car is complete without a Miracle Cross Bar.


After meeting and speaking to Austin for the first time (other than random chit chat on twitter) I can honestly say he is such a true and genuine person. Loyal to his fans and very open to talk to anyone who approaches him, all while still running the meet. Considering he just came down from Wekfest Seattle in Washington, it’s a massive undertaking to go to a car show to then drive to a different state the same week for a pop-up. It was heartwarming. My friends who know him very well were definitely not wrong about everything they have told me about the man. If that wasn’t enough, for every 10 dollars spent, Austin had raffle tickets set up for one lucky person to win a full set of Gram Lights! I was also impressed with the amount of merchandise; there was enough produced to last for three entire days. IMG_0040

Everything was beautifully laid out, with a minimal presentation maximizing the presence of the FD.




It was a short weekend for me, but a long, busy weekend for him! Great job and congratulations Austin on a successful event! Now enjoy some more photos and unveiling a special peace of artwork from one of our own! We will be producing special pieces for events which revolve around a particular car or person in the future, so please look forward to them!





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